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Using Worship Media to Stay Relevant as a Minister

When Jesus wandered the earth over 2,000 years ago, he would communicate using stories and illustrations. When he made the decision to educate us not to be critical of people He used a parable about cutting out a piece of wood out of your own eye before attempting to pull a speck from someone else’s. When He showed how supportive for your enemies you need to be He related a parable about the Good Samaritan.

Now churches all across the entire world are recapturing the advantage of instructing through the use of illustrations. We have at our use the greatest storytelling medium in the world…video. Many churches are now armed with high-quality video projection utilities which make using worship media and video an amazingly dramatic way to instruct people the Gospel.

Because of the relatively small cost of video creation apparel many churches are beginning to use their own ideas to tell applicable stories using this technology. A few other churches that may not have the financial resources, time or imagination to create video pieces are now also equipped to use this interesting tool by making use of videos produced by other churches or production houses.

Churches from all around the globe are now creating short sermon videos a variable of their regular get together. With the accessibility of the net, they can review, buy and download high-quality videos straight to their computer. After download, they can then easily develop a DVD or broadcast it right from their Laptop or PC.

Churches are also using other creative features such as countdown clocks (five-minute clips that countdown to the start of the service), graphic interface, and sermon note packages to build captivating and applicable messages of the Word of God.

For those churches that elect to step out and use technological innovation, they are comprehending that the old grievance of church being “boring” is a thing of the good old days. Jesus was surely not boring in his sermons, and it is up to the churches in our generation to instruct the Good News in as dynamic of a way as possible.

So right now is the day to start using worship videos to develop dynamic sermons!

Video reaches people where they are. You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth replicating: We dwell in a graphical culture. Using video and other types of visual media into your service will put people at ease, so they can settle down in and put together to hear the information. For example, starting the service with a hilarious clip is a remarkable way to put the church at ease.

Interconnects on an emotional level. Video will work on an emotional level and presents you with a great tool for getting the congregation emotionally geared up to learn your message. Using a Sermon Case in point video is a fantastic way to set up your message. The video you pick can illustrate one of your points, demonstrate a predicament where persons need to understand your message or raise questions that you can then deal with your message.

Gives people space to ponder. Making use of video is also a great way to guide the congregation into a time of reflexion and also serves to focus them on the elements you want them to reflect on. Use it to start the service to prep their hearts for what they will hear. Use it during an important time in the service such as Communion to lead them through what you would have them reflecting on. Use it at the end of your message to give them space to think about and correspond to what they’ve heard.

Many people who are exploring a new church want to understand how it feels to experience a ceremony, so show them with video or let them pay attention to sermons through sound files. Audio files are a great way also to let anyone who skipped the service to experience the lectures at home while in bed sick or even having to work. Video files are bigger and use a lot more bandwidth, so including one or two on your site is probably the limit you should consider. You can also incorporate videos of other activities, such as a choir-singing event, and publish them on YouTube to save money on server bills.

Whether your visitor is someone searching for a new church, a member of the congregation or an individual who is just looking for some spiritual assistance, your web page must cater to all of their needs.

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