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Making Use of the Services of Child Custody Attorneys Medford Oregon

You’ll know when you will need the services of a Child Custody Attorneys Medford Oregon or Family Lawyers. Things can get ugly between you and your partner to the point where a divorce takes place. All kinds of questions will get raised when a child is involved. Questions like who gets custody of the child and what needs to be done if problems arise?

Resolving Child Custody Problems

In all cases, state courts will rule in favor of the child as to who gets custody as they base their decision on what would be best for the child. The judge may decide that the parent who took care of the child the most would get custody. At the same time, the non-custodial parent needs visitation rights. Generally, courts would frown on any interference on the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent as they have the best interest of the child at heart.

In resolving child custody issues, the court would go with the Family Law Act where the best interest of the child would be the most important consideration when the need arises to resolve a dispute between parents.

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Relocation Issues That Needs to be Resolved

What if the parent who has custody decides to relocate to an area that is too far away from the non-custodial parent to visit their child?

At times like these, the relocating parent would need the assistance of a Child Custody Attorney to get the required permission from the court to do so as the parent who wants to relocate need to convince the court that it will help to improve the life of the child.

The intricacies surrounding family law, which include child custody disputes, are complicated and if not handled correctly can lead to the parent having custody losing their privileges to the point where the parent staying behind getting custody over the child.

Some states would view it as uprooting the child by moving to another area, and might even view it as an attempt to get the child away from the other parent. This is where a family lawyer or child custody attorney can help to prove that the relocation is in the best interest of the child.

Giving Advance Notice to The Non-custodial Parent

In most cases, advanced notice of at least 45 days needs to be given to the parent who does not have custody of the child. This will give them ample time to object to the relocation if they so wish. The notification will only be needed if the parent who has child custody is going to move more than 60 miles away.

Other states would even prohibit relocation to another state even if it is only 20 miles away. For this reason, it is normally best to consult with a Child Custody Attorney that is well versed in family law and knows the ins and outs with regards to child custody issues in various states.

The parent who has been granted custody does not want to face a situation where the court’s decision gets reversed due to negligence on their part and should, therefore, contact a good family lawyer or child custody attorney instead.

Both you and your family will benefit from the extensive experience and years of knowledge of reputed law firms in Medford Oregon.

All divorce cases will be taken care of personally by the Medford Law Center who has devoted their experience in law related matters on basic issues such as spousal support, a division of property, child support and child custody.

We firmly believe that to dissolve a marriage is better when everyone involved agrees on issues like custody of any children, division of property, child support issues, etc.

This is why Attorneys in Medford provides much needed legal services in Family Law which includes, but are not limited to custody, divorce, mediation, visitation, grandparent rights, termination of parental rights and domestic partnerships, spousal support, and child support. You are professionally guided throughout the whole legal process as they are compassionate and competent enough to handle any issues that border on being emotional.

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